Statement necklace.

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My favourite item at the moment has got to be my statement necklace from H&M. In my opinion it completes any outfit and adds a bit of glam to what would be a dull combination. <a Advertisements


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Adieu is a collection of t – shirts created by designer Melinda Santillian, all designs are Individually hand – crafted and are priced at £68. The t – shirts come in a selection of printed styles and are bound to … Continue reading

McQueen showcase.

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Alexander McQueen recently showcased 19 runway looks and accessories for spring – summer 2012 in the form of a cocktail reception to celebrate the gallery weekend Berlin. Not only did the guests just get to see 19 show stopping pieces … Continue reading


I have grown an addiction to buying fashion related books and my new favourite book has got to be influence by Mary – Kate and Ashley Olsen.
The book is a mix of conversations the twins have had with artists, designers, photographers, writers and some of their favourite personalities. The twins have said to be influenced by each and everyone of the people in the book and by reading it I’m sure you will be too.

For all you Olsen fans I thought I would share some of the pictures for you all, just to remind you how amazing they are.

20120430-061215 PM.jpg

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Mulberry must haves.

Get saving girls, if you’re going to invest in anything then one of these beauty’s are a must have.

20120425-114933 AM.jpg

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20120425-115625 AM.jpg

20120425-115634 AM.jpg

20120425-115643 AM.jpg

20120425-115653 AM.jpg

20120425-115703 AM.jpg

Prices range from £575 – £4,000

Don’t forget the Lana Del Rey out in mid – may.

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Vivieene Westwood’s royal inspiration.

To celebrate the Queen’s up and coming diamond jubilee Vivienne Westwood herself has created a collection of red carpet pieces full of dresses inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s younger style.

20120424-071306 PM.jpg

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20120424-071356 PM.jpg

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Who better to create a collection inspired by the Queen than the Queen of British fashion herself?

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