Louise Thompson clothing launch\ Beauty & the brain event.

If you follow me on twitter and Instagram you probably have been updated with the recent events I have been invited to but I thought it about time I updated my lovely bloggers and share some photos with you.

Louise Thompson clothing launch for Goddiva.

Verge magazine recently worked with Goddiva and on the launch of Louise Thompson’s clothing launch. Rosalind Shimmen and I was lucky another to attend the launch at the Mayfair Exchange and what a lovely evening it was.
Cocktails on arrival, clothing rack of clothes and we was spoilt with goodies!

20130106-022406 PM.jpg

20130106-022420 PM.jpg

20130106-022439 PM.jpg

20130106-022502 PM.jpg

20130106-022538 PM.jpg

20130106-022558 PM.jpg

Beauty and the brain event.

The Beauty and the brain event was held at the Google Campus with a panel of well known beauty/fashion you tubers to give us an insist on how to build yourself as a brand and all the what to do and what not to do tips!

There was lots of different people at the event from bloggers to business owners to make up artists. It was a great insight of what it takes to run your own you tube channel. It takes a lot of hard work and determination but the success you receive from it is awarding.

20130106-022912 PM.jpg

20130106-022923 PM.jpg

20130106-022936 PM.jpg

20130106-022952 PM.jpg

20130106-023006 PM.jpg


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