Stay stylish in-between seasons.

The only thing making up for this miserable weather is the return of the long awaited A/W collections.

River Island.
The collection may not be hitting stores just yet but I would start getting your wish list at the ready girls, with a collection this good it will be a sell out.
River Island have brought back the 80’s with their new collection; shoulder padded costs, printed jackets & pleated skirts.

20120719-111001 AM.jpg

20120719-111013 AM.jpg

20120719-111024 AM.jpg

20120719-111031 AM.jpg

20120719-111037 AM.jpg

20120719-111043 AM.jpg

20120719-111053 AM.jpg

20120719-111059 AM.jpg

20120719-111209 AM.jpg

20120719-111216 AM.jpg

20120719-111223 AM.jpg

20120719-111228 AM.jpg

20120719-111234 AM.jpg

20120719-111240 AM.jpg

20120719-111245 AM.jpg

20120719-111252 AM.jpg

20120719-111258 AM.jpg

20120719-111303 AM.jpg

20120719-111309 AM.jpg

20120719-111318 AM.jpg

20120719-111324 AM.jpg

You can alway count on Zara to produce a beautiful collection, this time is no different.
The collection is full of timeless pieces with their simple but flawless designs which include scarlet peplums, studs and splashes of leopard.
Did I forget the good news? The collection is already hitting stores nationwide.

20120719-113139 AM.jpg

20120719-113146 AM.jpg

20120719-113213 AM.jpg

20120719-113217 AM.jpg

20120719-113222 AM.jpg

20120719-113228 AM.jpg

20120719-113233 AM.jpg

20120719-113247 AM.jpg

20120719-113254 AM.jpg

20120719-113259 AM.jpg

20120719-113304 AM.jpg

20120719-113310 AM.jpg

20120719-113314 AM.jpg

20120719-113318 AM.jpg

20120719-113324 AM.jpg

20120719-113329 AM.jpg

20120719-113335 AM.jpg

20120719-113341 AM.jpg

20120719-113346 AM.jpg

20120719-113352 AM.jpg

20120719-113357 AM.jpg

20120719-113403 AM.jpg

20120719-113409 AM.jpg

20120719-113414 AM.jpg

20120719-113751 AM.jpg

20120719-113800 AM.jpg


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