H&M Autumn/winter collection.

H&M have recently published photos of their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection and I can honestly say I can not wait to add some items to my wardrobe.

The weather may be dull but the collection is far from it.

20120613-124635 PM.jpg

20120613-124646 PM.jpg

20120613-124652 PM.jpg

20120613-124659 PM.jpg

20120613-124708 PM.jpg

20120613-124716 PM.jpg

Embellishment, prints, leather & chunky knits, what more does a girl need?

20120613-124929 PM.jpg

20120613-124936 PM.jpg

20120613-124941 PM.jpg

20120613-124946 PM.jpg

20120613-124951 PM.jpg

20120613-124957 PM.jpg

20120613-125003 PM.jpg

20120613-125136 PM.jpg

20120613-125147 PM.jpg

20120613-125154 PM.jpg

20120613-125159 PM.jpg

20120613-125205 PM.jpg

20120613-125212 PM.jpg

20120613-125218 PM.jpg

20120613-125222 PM.jpg

20120613-125230 PM.jpg

20120613-125237 PM.jpg

20120613-125242 PM.jpg

20120613-125252 PM.jpg

20120613-125257 PM.jpg


My favourite outfit has to be…
20120613-125326 PM.jpg



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